Richard Westbrook

Richard has a M.A. in History and worked as an Academic Advisor at a major southeastern university for fifteen years. He also worked as a web designer for twelve years and is currently managing the operational duties of Nourishe LLC.

His hobbies embrace chess (including coaching at the scholastic level), photography, and making wine. With his return to fitness, he enjoys competing in Master’s Track events (mostly the 400 meter race) winning 3 gold medals at the State level and placed 5th in the 2015 National Senior Game (60-64 year old division).

Who We Are

Della Adams

Della has a Master’s of Science degree in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and currently oversees a team of application developers for a major U.S. City.  Della’s career has spanned several industries starting from being a restaurant entrepreneur for over 15 years to a decade working in Economic Development for a large chamber of commerce to being in a leadership position in the information technology arena.

Della’s first and current love has always been related to the food industry and with the fitness transformation due to embracing CrossFit and adopting the Paleo nutrition lifestyle Della is once again back to working with food as the CEO of Nourishe LLC.